West Highlands Scotland Auchindrain

Scotland’s West Highlands are one of the most magical places on the planet. In summer they are umpteen shades of green, pink and purple (heather in flower is so beautiful). As the days grow shorter and the cold sets in, the Highlands become a picture of contrast; brown, orange, grey, green, black (and white!). One

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HDR colour image of a pedestrian laneway in Porto, looking up steep steps with terrace houses on either side

Porto Laneways

I love the lane ways of Porto Portugal! So much colour and beautiful decoration. Sadly, due to the poor economic state of Portugal, many buildings are unoccupied and run-down. Note the wall tiles (Azulejo) in the picture below – these are very common in Portugal. They can be found everywhere from churches, and palaces to

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Camino Portuguese Day 9 – Dave Pastry Update

Camino Portuguese Day 9 – we’re in Pontevedre for the day! After seeing the forecast for today, we made the decision, correctly as it turns out, to avoid getting thoroughly soaked. There’s nothing more miserable than a sore soggy pilgrim. It has poured rain on and off for most of the day. The thunder and

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Camino Portuguese Day 8 – Tui to Porrino

Camino Portuguese Day 8 was going to be Tui to Mos … but we ended up catching a train in Porriño instead! 🙂 The day started off well enough. We spent the night in a very basic and not terribly well designed (hello, group showers) albergue. The greatest asset to the hostel was its location –

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Camino Portuguese Day 7 – Rubiaes to Tui

Camino Portuguese Day 7 – we made it to Spain!!  Woo hoo! It was with a fair amount of pride that Dave and I crossed the river Minho from Portugal. We’ve walked roughly 146km so far, and we’ve got about 114 km to go until Santiago. There is a noticeable difference between Portugal and Galicia

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Camino Portuguese Day 6 – Ponte Lima to Rubiaes

Camino Portuguese Day 6 was wonderful and challenging. Our plan was to at least get over the big hill (Portela Grande) to the first main town with accommodation, Rubiães. This is a relatively short part of the trip – 18km by the guidebook. It’s a tricky spot because there is no obvious accommodation between Ponte

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Camino Portuguese Day 1 – Porto to Matosinhos

We have started our Camino! Day 1 is what I’m calling a ‘soft start’ as we’ve completed 12km along the Portuguese coastal route to Santiago de Compostela. Dave and I were going to start our trek tomorrow but the short walk from Porto to Matosinhos was appealing in its brevity. Dave flew in from Sydney

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An Introvert Abroad – Solo Travel With Others

I am an introvert and I love to travel. The opportunity to see new places, experience new things and try new foods are key factors in a fulfilling life for me. I love exploring and finding quiet spaces to watch the world go by. I love quirky architecture, hidden alleys, artistic graffiti (can’t stand the

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Quinta da Regaleira Palace Part 2

For more photos of the gardens, see Quinta da Regaleira Part 1 Pan’s Labyrinth Timing Your Visit – Quinta da Regaleira The best time to visit Quinta da Regaleira is just as it opens at 10.30 am. It’s not exactly a super early start to the day so should be manageable by most. It’s before

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Quinta da Regaleira Part 1 – Pan’s Labyrinth

Upon first seeing images of Quinta da Regaleira (Palacio da Regaleira) online, I could only think of the  Guillermo del Toro movie Pan’s Labyrinth (El Laberinto del Fauno). Quinta da Regaleira was the primary reason for my visit to Sintra, Portugal and it did not disappoint. Quinta da Regaleira is the fantastical work of Antonio

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