October 18, 2016

Camino Portuguese Day 4 – Barcelos to Vitorino

Camino Portuguese


In trying to catch back up on posts, I’ll keep this one brief! There was a lot less walking today than yesterday. THANK GOD. And much more of it was on unpaved trails which satisfied my feet no end. I awoke with great trepidation as I thought that I had blistered the underside of my foot the day before. Thankfully the blood had returned to the area and it was no longer a horrible off-white. The same cannot be said for Dave’s feet which look somewhat shredded in places.

We started remarkably early (given how long yesterday felt) and were out the door by 8.22 (we seem to have a thing for being out at 22 past the hour). The accommodation was proper pilgrim style – 10 bed dorm at 5 EUROS per night. Cant beat that. We saw a bit of Barcelos as we headed off along The Way.

Per our usual, we stopped for breakfast at a pastelaria. I got a nice little ‘rice cake’. Dave is sampling all the custard filled things he can find. Morning tea followed a couple of hours later.

Fortunately there was not as much walking required today. We made it 23km before we gave in. It rained consistently for most of the day. The hot shower upon arrival at our hostel was WONDERFUL.

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