October 16, 2016

Camino Portuguese Day 2 – Matosinhos to Vila do Conde

Camino Portuguese


Camino Day 2! We were up early (okay, not that early, 7am) and attempted to be out the door by 8 but Dave took a while to do his hair etc, so it was more like 8.20 by the time we left the hotel. We spent the night at the Brierley Guidebook recommended Hotel in Matosinhos – Del Rei Residencial. Dave slept peacefully (jet lag) while I lay awake listening to the sounds of everyone else returning to the hotel, the tram and a couple arguing outside the window. Not the quietest place to rest for the evening but at least it was cheap.

Our path for Camino day 2 was along the coastline, mostly over boardwalk. A fairly leisurely 22km by the book, but about 26km by the time we arrived at our hotel in Vila do Conde. Dave’s legs have held up better than mine (I sort of hobbled into town, whereas he was still able to stride). Dave had a decent blister before we started and gained another on the way. I’ve got a wee one forming on my little toe but will attend to that with my trusty Compeed blister patches before we start again tomorrow.

We’ve decided to split the walks into sections based on meal times. Breakfast is usually included by the hostel/hotel. Then we walk til morning tea and the need for caffeine takes over the need to walk. Then it’s on to lunch. Today there was no need for afternoon tea as we were close to our destination, but tomorrow’s walk will be about 27km so we’ll need to factor that into the schedule.

Dave has taken a fancy to the Portuguese specialty heart attack on a plate, also known as the Francesinha – steak sandwich with layers of bacon, sausage, chorizo, topped with cheese and special Francesinha tomato sauce, served with chips.

My meal today had the same delicious Francesinha sauce, but with only one kind of meat (some rather tasty slices of roast pork). Everything comes with chips. And they serve wine in 375 ml bottles. I’m not complaining. It’s 2.30 euros and superb after a long walk. Dave’s beer cost an almighty 1 euro.

Before entering the township of Vila do Conde we had to leave the boardwalk and head back to the main roads. The cobblestones were murder on my aching legs. There’s a lovely little river and a giant monastery nearby. I’m not sure I’ll see much of it tonight as the idea of walking any further today has zero appeal! We shall walk through the town tomorrow though on our way to Barcelos.

Until then, Bom Dia!


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