October 2, 2016

Dolphins, Loch Indaal, Islay

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We awoke this morning to a wonderful sight – dolphins swimming up the loch! I have seen a few seals and otters over the past 16 months, but this is my first sighting of dolphins.  There were approx 6 of them, mayhaps more, it was a bit hard to tell. The sun was out in its glaringly full glory which made seeing the cetaceans a little difficult.

I managed to get some good shots as they were heading past Port Charlotte towards Bruichladdich. Then we noticed a few of them playing (hunting?) just a wee bit up the beach from us.  I love the close encounters with wildlife here. Islay is a hunting, breeding and nesting ground for many species and many of them end up right on our doorstep.

There’s quite a few fish in the Loch at the moment – we’ve caught quite a few mackerel. Apparently there’s also quite a bit of herring about too. You can often see sea trout splashing about in the fresh water run-off from the stream as they try to de-lice themselves. We haven’t managed to catch any of those yet (and by we, I mean Roddy). The dolphins will undoubtedly get quite a few.

Dolphins Loch Indaal

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